Is it possible to arrange a custom seminar for adults or kids?

Yes, we love to work with small groups.  The ideal number of students is between 6 and 8 but we can also put together programs for smaller or larger groups.

How long do the group classes run?

The format and length for the class depends upon the program. For Presenting for Kids, each class is 60 minutes in length and runs for six consecutive weeks. TweenSpeech classes are done in two hour blocks on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  In the summer months (June-August), classes may be conducted in a compressed one week format. 

How many students can be enrolled in one class?

For Presenting for Kids, the class size ranges from six and ten students with a maximum of 12. TweenSpeech classes have a slightly larger enrollment.

Who is the program designed for?

Presenting Perfection offers programs for four different types of students-Children: Age 8-11, Tweens: Ages 11-13, Teens: Ages 14-19 and Adults.

What is the cost for one-on-one instruction?

The cost for individual instruction varies depending upon the work beginning at $125 per hour. Hourly consulting services begin at $200 per hour. Please contact us for additional information on these services and associated pricing.

How was Presenting Perfection Developed?

Presenting Perfection was developed in response to the realization that most elementary, intermediate and high schools across the United States do not provide formal public speaking instruction to students.

How long is each session?

Presenting for Kids classes run for six weeks.  TweenSpeech classes are bootcamp style. 

What is the cost?

Presenting for Kids Classes begin at $180 for a six week session. TweenSpeech classes range from $60-$75 per session depending upon the subject.  Pricing for the Presenting for Adults classes depends upon duration and material.

What is the format for the instruction?

Presenting Perfection offers group instruction to children, tweens, teens and adults.  We offer one-on-one training to adults and select high school students.