Interview Insights

At Presenting Perfection we understand that interviews are stressful for everyone. Whether you're an experienced interviewer or have never had an interview, you will benefit from this Interview Insights workshop by learning new techniques that you will be able to use immediately. 

In our Interview Insights workshops and private coaching sessions, we help you determine what truly makes you unique and how to turn your natural nervousness into confidence. Discover the common interview questions employers ask and how to best answer them. 

A good resume gets you in the door... but a successful interview will get you the job!

‚ÄčTopics covered in our Interview Insights workshop:
  • Self-description: What makes you tick? How is that different from everyone else?
  • Good, Better and Best: Discovery and definition of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Non-verbal Communication: What it is and why it matters in an interview
  • Body Language: Interpreting it and responding to it
  • Interview Dynamics: Tips and techniques for subtly controlling the interview
  • Challenging Topics: Navigating through a tough topic and making the best of it
  • Interview Follow-up: How, when and why