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Keys to organization

Essentials for successful delivery

Reading the audience

First time introductions

Business vs. Casual Intros

Role of non-verbal communication

Presentation Skills for Adults


Common tools and errors

Reading others

Controlling Spur of the Moment Conversations

Gauging the response/reaction

Ending on a high note

Body Language

Selecting discussion topics

Keeping other engaged

Techniques for tough situation


Did You Know? Over 90% of adults fear giving a speech. 

Presenting for Adults is a public speaking and presentation skills training for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between who lacks confidence and wants to overcome their fear of public speaking and presenting. Our training programs help individuals on both a personal and professional level by leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses. By the end of the course or a private coaching session, even the shyest of individuals will feel more confident and better equipped to effectively use their new presentation skills in front of any audience.

Whatever your needs, whatever your challenges—we will work with you, teaching you effective presentation skills as well as:
**Difference between a speech and a presentation
**Importance of the audience connection 
**Role of non-verbal communication in daily communication
**Opportunities and challenges of impromptu speaking

Public Speaking​

Use of stories as conversation starter

Making stories relatable

Stories to avoid

Impromptu Situations​