Awkward Topics​

Managing awkward topics

The non-answer

Gracefully declining


Common tools and errors

Body Language

Question Asking

Oral Presentations


First time introductions

Adult vs. child intros

Role of non-verbal communication


Role of the audience

Basic how-tos



Topics covered


Public Speaking for Kids That’s Fun, Effective and Works

This 6-week Public Speaking for Kids course caters to children between the ages of 8 and 11, teaching them the fundamentals of making a positive first impression. We combine proven teaching methods with hands-on learning through engaging activities to make lessons fun but effective.  We cover everything from introductions and question asking to oral presentations and impromptu speaking. 

The Goal of Public Speaking for Kids: How to make a positive first impression. Through the development of soft skills, our class teaches children how to:
**Develop their own speaking style
**Conquer fears of being in the spotlight
**Understand the basics of nonverbal communication
**Appreciate how nonverbal tools such as eye contact, body stance and tone can make or break a conversation
**Go beyond the basics of “What’s up?” 
**Gain insight on navigating through awkward topics when they arise

Public Speaking For Kids

What’s after, “Whats up?”

Common ground

The other person

Art of Conversation

Earn a Public Speaking Badge

Presenting Perfection now offers a public speaking badge for scouts!