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Improving confidence & self-esteem

Tools to use in any social situation

Teen Communication Anxiety

What’s after, “Whats up?”

The non-answer/Finding common ground

Gracefully declining

Art of Conversation


Common Tools and Errors

College Interview Techniques

Oral Presentations

Informative Presentations: Organization and Delivery

Persuasive Presentations: Organization, Delivery and the Persuasive Action 

Role of the audience in the presentations
TweenSpeech builds upon the skills taught in Presenting For Kids to help adolescent between the ages of 13-18 handle teen communication anxiety and master the techniques needed for more advanced communication situations.  

Through our boot camp style classes, students gain a basic knowledge of how to navigate through both simple and complex speaking situations.

The goal? Reduce teen communication anxiety by empowering them to have the confidence to intelligently present themselves in any social situation.

 TweenSpeech aims to cover college interview techniques, informative and persuasive presenting, impromptu speaking, online communication all while reducing teen communication anxiety.

In our classes, students will:
  • Understand the basics of informative, persuasive and impromptu speaking​
  • Learn about college interview techniques and how to manage them
  • Appreciate how nonverbal tools such as eye contact, body stance, and tone can make or break a conversation


Online Conversation

Be careful: Importance of control

Your online self

Dangers of the online world


First time introductions

Adult vs. child intros

Role of non-verbal communication

Topics covered